Square Cut Mortared Flagstone

Flagstone can be laid one of two ways; either dry laid or mortared. The mortared method consist of: 

  • Excavating down 11".
  • Back filling with 6" of 3/4 clear Aggregate.
  • Compacting all the gravel with adequate tampers.
  • Installing a 3-4" concrete slab. 
  • In a lot of cases, if there is existing concrete it can be inspected and if adequatly installed we will be able to install the flagstone to the existing concrete.
  • Square cut flagstone generally comes pre-cut in different size squares.
  • Setting the flagstone in a 1-1.5" mortar bed. (Because flagstone isn't as consistent at man made products it usually requires for each stone to be set individually. This can be a bit of timely process as its done with lasers, and string lines).
  • Lastly we joint everything with mortar, and tool all the joints smooth.

The first picture is an example of Pennsylvania Square Cut Flagstone.  Pennsylvania Square Cut can sometimes be hard to find.  However, when it's available it gives you a great assortment of Blue, Green & Bronze colours.  It is only available in square cut and cannot usually be found in random shapes.
The second picture is Wiarton Square Cut Flagstone.  It comes in various shades of grey's and brown's. For this project we hand selected a few lighter brown pieces to give it some more character. It can be found in both square cut and random forms. This is a great example of how you can improve your plain old concrete front porch. 

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