Interlock driveways can be designed to suit any customers needs and tastes. We have installed everything from Tumbled Pavers with different sizes with other types of pavers accents. To just a plain 4"x8" paver in a herringbone pattern! There are countless different colours, styles and types of pavers. We are great at listening to our customers and working with them to find out what will work best for them! Interlock driveways sometimes get a bad reputation from being poorly installed. A properly installed interlock driveway can last a lifetime.

Our interlock paver driveway installation consists of:

  • Minimum excavation of 18” 
  • They are then backfilled with 12” of Granular A aggregate.
  • Tamping the entire area with a 1 Ton Diesel Plate Tamper.
  • We then install a 1” bedding layer of HL3 sand using scree bars to level everything. By using scree bars for setting our heights we can direct the drainage of the driveway with no imperfections.
  • We then install the pavers that we have chosen with our customer.
  • Installing aluminum edge restraints along the outside edges of the driveway to prevent any of the stone from pushing out.
  • We then install polymeric sand in all the joints of the stone.
  • Lastly we clean off the driveway, our work areas, and any debris that was created by our crews. 

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Recent Work

Check out this Eramosa Natural Stone front entrance Nature's Own created this past summer. We love working with clients and their ideas to create unique projects that suit their needs. Contact us to help you with your project.

Recent Testimonial
  • We would have Steven and crew back to undertake any future landscaping projects! Our backyard is amazing! There is a view from every window which entices us outdoors to enjoy our new landscaping. Nature's Own pays attention to detail, has great ongoing communication and leaves the worksite immaculate on a daily basis. Steven is an artist who "paints" with plants and hardscape materials. We are thrilled with the results!
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